THE PEAK AGENCY operates at the coal face of the Hospitality industry’s interaction with the Live Music and Entertainment industry. We have a proud history of venue representation and highly value the relationships we have with ours clients, some of whom have utilised our services for over two decades. 

It is The Peak Agency’s ability to continually seek out and negotiate appearances for the best performers, and the best of the new performers, that assists the ongoing success of a venue’s business. We take that responsibility seriously. 

The Peak Agency services the needs of an extremely diverse Client base – Hotels, Clubs, Bars, International Hotels, Restaurants, Theatres, Niteclubs and Councils. 

Every one of our Clients has a unique set of needs and requirements. Whilst they maintain control over their programming ultimately, our clients benefit from our advice and action in the areas such as Talent Acquisition, Negotiation of Fees, collation of Quality Marketing materials, coordination and implementation of Venue Worksheets, Advance Programming of Entertainment, Introduction of new Quality Performers, Circulation of the Venue’s preferred entertainment, plus Advice, Insight, News, and Information. 

The Peak Agency has the reputation of being a source that Hotel Licensees, Managers and Owners, Entertainment bookers, Club CEOs, Entertainment and Marketing Managers, and any other appointed hospitality industry manager can rely on for fast, efficient, and reliable information on all things entertainment. 

The Peak Agency can tailor any arrangement to suit any venue.
Please contact us for a chat and we can discuss more about the services that we provide. We would be delighted to forward a Client List and Referees upon request.

(The Peak Agency is a Venue Representative – see “Definitions” – Entertainment Industry Act 2013 NSW)