SplashDance screen shot

SPLASHDANCE is a brand new interstitial music series broadcast on ABC Kids Television featuring the wonderful performance talents in Series 1 of (L to R) DANIEL MILNE, ADELE PARKINSON, ADRIAN ESPULSO, and MONIQUE SALLE.

26 wonderful episodes featuring great interactive songs all written by John Field, with colourful and highly engaging graphics by Steve Santer. Series created by Maree Kirkland-Morris (KMProductions).Direction and Choreography by Deb Ryan. Edited by Brianna Cook.
Splash Dance was commissioned by ABC. Financed in association with Screen NSW.

An additional 5 episodes were filmed to provide additional content for ABC and features new cast member AMBER-DAWN FINCH.
All 31 episodes are now being shown by ABC Kids TV.
Each episode features two cast members.

Cast 1540w with names low

www.splashdance.net.au (in design).

Episodes of SplashDance also available on iView


SD Live 400w
Live appearances available now. Packages include 2 x Cast members or 4 a Cast members..
Contact THE PEAK AGENCY for further details.

SplashDance are also on Youtube …