Event Entertainment


Live music or Live entertainment at an Event can be and often is the Wow factor, be it a wedding, an outdoor concert, a corporate milestone celebration, a private party, a public festival, or any other significant event. In order to achieve that wow factor the performer has to have the pre-requisite talent and skills, but, they also have to have Character and Charisma.

The Peak Agency is staffed by creative types that work with performers of Character to present performances that will stay in the memory of a client and their guests. These performers won’t treat the show like just another gig (ie. see corporate and wedding bundy clock configured bands who sometimes meet each for the first time at your event).
Whether with our select exclusive talent or with our wider grasp of the available talent network we work to ensure that your performer is more than suitable, well informed and briefed, assisted, and primed for your event.

The Peak Agency handles over 4500 live bookings a year. In our view every one of those bookings is an Event in it’s own right (from a pianist in a club lounge to a feature performer on an event stage), however, of that total number approximately 450 to 500 are event bookings.

The Peak Agency works at the coal face of the live entertainment circuit and our clients expect value. This includes support aspects such as live sound and lighting production.

TheĀ suppliers we deal with have equipment which is cutting edge quality and in most cases exceeds the equipment stocked and stored by corporate event inhouse production services and comes at prices far more realistic. Some of the performers themselves have invested in such equipment and will provide inclusive deals. We know who those performers are and this alone can save you thousands.

We are always available for a friendly no obligation conversation. If you have an upcoming event and you would like to see what we can do please drop us a line or send us an email. We would love to assist you.