Children’s Entertainment


The Peak name has been synonymous with the Children’s Music scene since the mid 90’s when we became associated with and later managed the live performance career of Don Spencer (Play School presenter, now founder and CEO of the Australian Children’s Music Foundation). Peak and Don pioneered the Australian touring circuit which brought live children’s music shows to regional parts of Australia for the first time. This was no small feat as venues had to be located (local halls and community centres mainly), local teams had to be founded to organise and sell tickets, advertisng schedules arranged to support, logistics put in place and much more (and by and large it was pre-Internet so that means telephone calls boys and girls and lots and lots of telephone calls – they had buttons by then).

Throughout the year we have worked with and helped develop many of Australia’s best performers. Kirkland Morris Management was developed originally to support performers we were working with on the Country Music circuit but our attentions gradually moved to this genre.

Of significant note is the career of the ARIA Award winning Children’s Music Group, The Hooley Dooleys which through suggestion brought together the talents of Bruce Thorburn and Antoine Demarest with David Butts. KMM managed The Hooley Dooleys for over a decade through their most successful and productive period which brought many joy filled albums to kids all over the country. The HDs enjoyed multi platinum success in CD and DVD sales, all achieved without the support of a television show.

KMM also developed the concept and implementation of the ABC for Kids Concerts for the ABC.

Our involvement with this industry genre has brought us into contact with many of the best performers involved in Live Children’s Music spanning from Don and performers such as Franciscus Henri in the early years through to the genius song writing of John Field or the incredibly complete MC qualities of Fun With Franky (Franky Valentyn).

Recent projects include The Outback Aussie Show (DVD and Music release by ABC) featuring Leon Fallon, the “Mumma, Bubba Needs Sleep” album released by ABC (songs by John Field).

Our extensive knowledge in this genre, coupled with our expertise as live music agents also means that we are a source for quality Children’s Music Performers for various Festivals, Councils, Venues, Agencies and Clubs. Enquiries for all types of music to suit the younger ages should be made to 

In 2016, ABC Kids Television launched the interstitial music video series, SPLASHDANCE.
SplashDance was created by Kirkland-Morris Productions and is represented from The Peak Agency office.